For The Klankenbos’ tenth anniversary in 2015, poets in Flanders and the Netherlands considered the relationship between humans, sound and the environment. From an overwhelming number of submissions, a jury selected eight poems about sound that have been given a permanent place in The Klankenbos and included in a thematic publication entitled 'Het laat zich niet vangen - Gedichtenparcours 10 jaar Klankenbos'.

In 'Het laat zich niet vangen', the reader will find work by Kaat de Jong, Annelies Vanherck, Rolf Clason, R.M. van Dobben, Martin Carrette, Tijl Nuyts, Rik Dereeper and Marcus Yrzun. The themes in their poetry range from the ‘voice’ of the mosquito, echoes during a walk, old church bells, invented words for sounds, a god who leans back and whistles like a lazy cowboy chewing on a straw, sirens, an icy Christmas choir, silence, buzzing and humming. Virginie Platteau wrote a fascinating essay about silence, sound and listening, the connection between the Bible and the Big Bank and why poetry is rightfully claiming its place in The Klankenbos. Maud Vanhauwaert, the winner of the Herman de Coninckprijs 2015, added two poems about a beating heart and a sound installation that will leave you speechless.

A very festive anniversary edition.

Author: Maud Vanhauwaert
ISBN: 978-94-91455-83-4
Pages: 32
Date of publication: 2015

The poetry collection can be purchased from Uitgeverij P for 12.50 euros (excluding postage).