Eric Van Osselaer

The mobile sound installation Musiscopes can be used as an instrument, but also invites people to experience the nature of sound production. Six portable tables contain a network of channels, valves and attributes. Using a stethoscope listeners can sit around the table and discover the sounds and tones being produced by this network. They can also influence the sound production by opening or closing valves to block sound or let it pass.

Musiscopes can be rented for use at festivals and other events.

Eric Van Osselaer (BE) studied fine arts and explored several media before concentrating on the creation of sound installations. He is part of Shrapnel-binde and the brains behind the original project Orgabits where fruits and vegetables are the instruments.

Practical information

Interested in booking this mobile installation for your festival or event?

Please contact Musica at or 0032 11 610 510.