Nick Steur


Nick Steur was inspired by a meteor sighting in the desert and started investigating the impact of an impact. An apple that suddenly falls out of a tree, the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, the pandemic; there are events that are unforeseeable. With the (literal) release of an enormous weight, attention is focused on this inevitable, unexpected moment, which leaves us with an impression. The question is which one.

Both the preparation of the impact, the falling of the stone, and the stone that remains permanently lying, are part of the work. Just as the stone has (made) an impact on this spot, so the spot makes an impact on the stone ... For the coming 10 years, it will be photographed every fortnight, in order to follow this ‘slow’ impact. .

Nick Steur (NL) is an artist working primarily with unprocessed materials, with stone being his favourite medium. Though many think of him as a visual artist, Steur is keen on live performance. Rather than grand gestures or symbolism, his actions appear purely functional; connecting steel, moving a boulder or catching a drop of water… However through skill and intense focus he is able to connect an inner dialogue with an external reality. This holistic approach succeeds in communicating subtle changes in time and space, and perhaps in people.

Concept and performance: Nick Steur | Production: Famke Dhont & C-TAKT | A production of SoAP, In Situ, C-TAKT, Musica Impulse Centre and Gemeente Pelt