Laura Maes


Liglicht was a public bench that reacted to light. You could sit down on the bench and experience how the sound changes. Covering part of the surface, the intensity of the light was reduced and the sound patterns were influenced. The installation combined recordings of the traffic roaring by and synthetic sounds. The amount of light changed the sound effects. The sound was transmitted by contact speakers mounted on a stainless steel plate. Liglicht used 100% solar energy.

Liglicht was a production by the Logos Foundation and was made possible by support from Provincie Limburg, the town of Pelt, Sint-Willibrordusscoutsgroep vzw, Izen and Enersys

Laura Maes (BE) has a doctorate in sound art from Ghent University and, as an installation maker, is bound to the Logos Foundation. She set up the experimental label Cling Film and makes sound installations in Belgium and abroad.

Liglicht made way for a new sound artwork.
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