Soundscapes Radio Forest


Listen online to the soundscapes of Radio Forest and discover the work of several promising sound artists from the comfort of your living room. For these soundscapes, the artists were inspired by nature and Klankenbos itself. Now you can also listen to ‘Borduur’ by field recordist Joost Van Duppen, recently added to the soundcloud playlist. The soundscape was created in October 2019 during SITE SPECIFICS, the workshop in field recording and sound art in public space led by Felix Blume. With ‘Borduur, Joost paints the soundscape of the Hageven Nature Reserve - De Plateaux in 360°.

An overview of all of the soundscapes you can listen to via Soundcloud:

  • Joost Van Duppen - Borduur (2019)
  • Stijn Demeulenaere - Lattitudes (2015)
  • Wim Dehaen - Een Kussen Van Gras (2014)
  • Dominique 't Jolle - Only Suggestion (2014)
  • Stijn Demeulenaere - Oortreders (2014)
  • Pauwel De Buck - Cleft Room (2010)
  • Wannes Kolf - Ghost Wood (2010)
  • Dåbermann - Radio Forest Soundscape (2010)

Tip: listen to the soundscapes with headphones for a more intense sound experience.

The digital information kiosk in Radio Forest is temporarily inactive due to the safety measures surrounding COVID-19