Soundscape ‘Borduur’ by Joost Van Duppen in Radio Forest


The soundscape Borduur paints in 360° the sound landscape of nature reserve Hageven - De Plateaux. Located near Klankenbos, this huge area of ​​heathland, fens, forests and grasslands forms the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Borduur is recorded from one point in a 6-minute period, on the border path between the two countries. The boundless nature is migrating, fighter jets are flying past your ears with a highway connecting the two countries for mankind in the background. The soundscape was made in October 2019 during Site Specifics, the workshop in field recording and sound art in the public space led by Felix Blume in Klankenbos.

Joost Van Duppen is an artist with a scientific background. Field recordings plays a crucial role in his creations and are often his starting point in theater and installation art.  They provide an added dimension to music, in the relationship between the virtual and the real. After finishing his biochemistry degree he studied Sound Design at the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts Antwerp, where his first soundscapes and performances were born. Later on he was involved in instant composition workshops and was resident musician at rehearsals and dance classes with various choreographers. This sparked his interest to the relationship between sound and movement and was followed by collaborations with international dance companies.
He succeed his master’s in music design at  University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands  and the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland. The latter he found his great love for nature and silence.
Following he started his research in soundscape ecology, which is a growing conservation technology in the study of biodiversity, climate change and urban environment. Currently he lives in Brussels and combines his work as music coach and nature guide in the urban and borealis forests.