Recordings and sound pieces workshop SITE SPECIFICS 2019 online


During the workshop SITE SPECIFICS 2019, an international group of participants worked for 5 days under the guidance of Felix Blume on sound recordings, performances and installations for the public space. Listen to their work here and (re)discover Klankenbos and its surroundings.

  • Emilio Pascual (ES) - Timing away
  • Kwinten Van Laethem (BE) - de klos 
  • Nicolas Pommier (BE) - Tracks 
  • Louise Le Du (FR) - Sonic Shelter
  • Lucas Derycke (BE) - Aanvraag Stiltegebied
  • Marieke van de Ven (NL) - Music box
  • Gregory Kramer (VS) - The hungry bridge
  • Erica van Loon (NL) - Don’t Run Away, It’s My Birthday 
  • Séverine Janssen (BE) - the possibility of a forest sound
  • Joost Van Duppen (BE) - Borduur
  • Delphine Wil (BE) - The forest karaoke
  • Patrick Francke (DE) - 4 subaquatic recordings