Every last week of the month, you can listen to new sounds in the sound art work Radio Forest. In the middle of the forest, this wooden pavilion is one big architectural loudspeaker, with new creations resounding regularly inside. What these creations are is completely open and is rethought every month, together with artists, residencies, inhabitants and collaborators in Klankenbos.

From 26 April to 2 May, you can listen to Phantomphonia, a creation by the Antwerp sound artist Dominique 't Jolle. Phantomphonia was made within the framework of OORtreders Festival and reflects on the artist's hypersensitivity to sound.

Once a month the soundscapes of Radio Forest Sessions are also broadcasted by the international Movement.Radio, in cooperation with Onassis Foundation in Greece. 

Radio Forest Sessions is an extension of the sound artwork Radio Forest, which was conceived in 2005 by the duo Franceschini and Schiffeleers. As one of the first installations of Klankenbos, the wooden pavilion has since undergone a very specific transformation: from broadcast studio to the multifunctional sound installation it is today. In 2009, Koen Deprez rebuilt the installation into an architectural space by cutting the wooden structure in half and inserting glass in the middle. At the same time, Radio Forest became an instrument for musical interaction in the public space. Sound artist Johan Vandermaelen worked on a sound system with transducers and bass speakers, in which sound can be heard through the wood. Several compositions and soundscapes were curated for the installation, which can be heard daily. Since 2016 Radio Forest has also functioned as the Klankenbos Infopoint and the starting point for more than 15,000 visitors annually. Since the beginning, Radio Forest has not been an autonomous creation of one artist, but an organic convergence of ideas, changes and additions in which many artists and people have been involved. Radio Forest Sessions as an open format builds on this idea. 

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