Felled trees in Klankenbos due to engraver beetle


Since 2019 several trees have been felled in Klankenbos, which makes the forest look different than before.

What is going on?

Spread across the Provincial Domain Dommelhof, several hundred Norway spruces have been attacked by the European spruce bark beetle, also known as the engraver beetle. This immense infestation is probably related to drought in the previous summer. This has weakened the spruces and made them easy prey for the beetles. Affected trees are unfortunately doomed.

Why are the trees dying?

Bark beetles dig vertical tunnels just below the bark of the tree and lay eggs there. It is here that the sap of the Norway spruce circulates. This closes off food circulation, causing the trees to die.

Why do the trees have to be cut down?

In the first place there is a chance that dead crests will break off and injure walkers and joggers. In addition, the diseased trees must be removed to prevent further spread.

Will there be new trees?

There will certainly be new trees! A forest management plan is currently being prepared together with the Municipality of Pelt. This will determine which varieties will be planted.

The clearing has been authorised by the Agency for Nature and Forests.