In the middle of the forest, you suddenly come across a collection of doors...
Come closer, put your ear to a door and listen.

In the new installation Doors of Listening, the residents of Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt take you with them into their stories and living environment. Listen to their voices and soundscapes through the doors in the middle of the Forest. 

The installation is the result of a collaboration between sound artist and field recordist Felix Blume and the residents of the Red Cross Overpelt Shelter. In the autumn of 2020, they were guided in a participatory process with several workshops to express themselves through sound. Through the doors, donated by inhabitants of Pelt, you can hear songs, memories, stories and dreams of people on the run. They are literally given a place in the landscape, claiming their presence and audibility. With this work, artist Félix Blume invites everyone to listen as a means of mutual understanding and critical thinking.

Curious about the artists behind the doors? A book about Doors of Listening will soon be published! Like a thirteenth door, giving access to the 12 doors of the artwork, the book consists of interviews, poetry, translations of sound fragments, photographs and a contribution by curator Christos Carras.  Pre-order your copy here for 15 euro.

A project by: Abeer, Ahmad, Bashir, Dieubéni, Familia Kadicana, Farhad, Getou Kabika Tshingambu, Gerebrhan, Isaac Junior, Manuel, Mila, Najem Alhamoud, Patricia Abigail, Rejoice, Safet, Sali, Sebastián, Yasin Dawoud and Félix Blume.

Félix Blume (FR) is an international sound artist and sound engineer. His work focuses on listening and uses sound as the basic material for compositions, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, with different communities, with the public space as context. 

‘Doors of Listening’ is a collaboration of CC Palethe, C-TAKT, C-TAKT+, Gemeente Pelt, Musica, Impulse Centre for Music, Provincial Domain Dommelhof, Province of Limburg and Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt.