Radio Forest was created in 2005, as a radio installation in Het Klankenbos Pelt (BE). The artist duo Futurefarmers were commissioned to make the work by Musica. At the same time they were commissioned to put together a public program for it.

One of the resulting projects was Audio Forest – a collection of forest sounds from all over the world, submitted by various international sound artists. Twelve existing or fictitious places were interwoven in The Sound Forest to create an alternative ecosystem of forest sounds.

In 2022 it will be almost two decades since Futurefarmers developed the Radio Forest installation. Today Radio Forest serves as a ‘sound pavilion’ in the Klankenbos, which in fact functions as a large architectural loudspeaker, where the monthly Radio Forest Sessions program is also played. This year, Amy and Stijn are bringing the Audio Forest archive back to life on site.

This reawakening of Audio Forest forms a sonic journey through time and space. The listener finds himself in different realities of about twenty years ago. While the Sound Forest in Pelt is filled with Hertzian waves between the trees, the surrounding noise of highways, airports and electric fans drowns out the familiar forest sounds. The rebroadcast of the Audio Forest archive is an invitation to listen consciously to other ‘forests’ from the past, and to be inspired to new ways of thinking about the forest anno 2022.

Throughout the year, a different soundscape from the Audio Forest archive will be heard each month through the walls of the Radio Forest pavilion. The broadcast will change every third Monday of the month:

May 16 to 23: Max Tertinegg (AT)
June 20 to 27: Eats Tapes (US)
July 18 to 25: Extraordinary Forest / Jeff Ray (US)
22 to 29 August: Albert Ortega (US)
19 to 26 September: Maksim Shentelev (LT)
17 to 24 October: Matteah Baim (US)
21 to 28 November: Brian Harnetty (US)
19 to 26 December: Carlos Gómez (CO)