This spring, you can enjoy three new sound art works in Klankenbos!

At Doors of Listening, you will be surprised by a collection of doors that rise up from the middle of the forest. When you put your ear to them, you get to know the songs, stories, memories and dreams of refugees. This installation was created by sound artist Félix Blume in cooperation with some residents of the Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt.

For the new sound artwork IMPACT, sound artist Nick Steur was inspired by a meteorite impact. Within the framework of OORtreders Festival 2020, he started an investigation into the impact of an impact on it’s environment. Both the preparation for the impact, the falling of the stone, and the stone that now remains permanently in place, are part of the work. We photograph the work of art every two weeks to monitor its 'slow' impact. Its silent presence appeals to the imagination as a witness to our relationship with time and nature.

Finally, during your visit to Klankenbos, you can also imagine life in a real beehive. AnneMarie Maes' Scaffolded Sound Beehive invites you to stick your head into a 2.5-metre-high Warré beehive, in which you can experience the sound of a beehive. Visitors already got a preview of this installation during the OORtreders Expo-Route in October 2020, but now the sound artwork temporarily receives a home in Klankenbos.

Which new installation are you most looking forward to?