SITE SPECIFICS - workshop with Felix Blume

Tue 29 Oct 2019 - 15:00 to Sat 02 Nov 2019 - 19:00
Het Klankenbos, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Pelt

SITE SPECIFICS workshop with Felix Blume.

Organized by Musica, Impulscentre for Music

Intensive 5 day workshop with Felix Blume in field-recording and sound art in the public space, with ‘the local’ as a key factor.

This autumn the internationally renowned sound artist and field recorder Felix Blume will lead a 5 day workshop in Klankenbos. SITE SPECIFICS focuses on field-recording and site specific sound art installation in the public space within the wide area of Pelt, located in the Belgian countryside. The participants will work on different locations (industrial, natural, agricultural, historical,..) starting from aural observation and working towards an ephemeral sound creation linked to radio, sound ethnography, sound walks, acousmatic creation, performance, music, social research, or other possible uses of sound.

The workshop encourages the participants to explore different techniques based on their own practice and interest. Working in situ, the participants will experiment with different ways to relate themselves to a place and local community using sound recordings, installation, action, personal music players or instruments amongst other possibilities. Whilst the focus lies on locality, the workshop aims to explore, via the medium of sound, global themes relating to for example; (sound) ecology, anthropology, participation, architecture, storytelling, etc. The workshop culminates with a public presentation during Klankenbos Nocturne 2019.

About Felix Blume

Félix Blume (FR, 1984) is a sound artist and sound engineer that currently works and lives between Mexico and France. His work is focused on listening and invites us to live sonic experiences that enable us to perceive our surroundings differently. Blume uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities and using public space as the context within which he explores and presents his works.

Blume’s sound pieces have been broadcasted in radios worldwide and also in different places, such as; Centre Pompidou and Musée d’Orsay (France). He has awarded with the “soundscape” prize for his last video-piece Curupira, creature of the wood and the “Pierre Schaeffer” prize for his work Los Gritos de México at the Phonurgia Nova Awards.

In 2018, Blume made a site-specific sound installation entitled Rumors from the sea for the Thailand Biennale, composed of hundred of bamboo shoots and flutes on the coast of Krabi. Besides this; he participated in international festivals and exhibitions, such as; LOOP Barcelona (2015), CCCB Barcelona (2015), Tsonami Arte Sonoro Chile (2015, 2018), Fonoteca Nacional Mexico (2016), Ex Teresa Mexico (2016), CENTEX Chile (2017), CTM Berlin (2017), Belluard Festival (2018), Arts Santa Monica Barcelona (2018) and Thailand Biennale (2018) amongst others.

About Klankenbos

Klankenbos is an open air museum for sound art in the public space, located in and around Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof in Belgium. The collection is unique in Europe and presents more then 18 physical and virtual installations by internationally renowned sound artists including; Paul Panhuysen (NL), Erwin Stache (DE), Rozalie Hirs (NL) and Pierre Berthet (BE). Every year Klankenbos organizes several activities related to sound art and experimental music such as nocturne, workshops, festivals, artistic residencies, exhibitions etc.

Practical information


The workshop is open to students, young makers and professionals from the cultural field interested in sound, participative methodologies and artistic creation in the public space, for example; young adults, sound artists, musicians, programmers, researchers in social sciences etc. The workshop is open for all ages and is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Recording/editing experience

Participants must have recorded sounds at least once before and must be able to use an editing (video or sound) program. It is possible in some instances to work without editing. If possible participants should bring their personal recording/editing equipment. Laptops for editing will not be provided.


Fee: 265 (euros). This price includes accommodation from 29/10 - 02/11/2019, food, access to bikes, workshop of 5 days, entrance to the Klankenbos Nocturne and the Europalia exhibition. The price does not include travel expenses.


Accommodation is included in the workshop. Shared bedrooms are foreseen in Provincial Domain Dommelhof. Various B&B ’s in the neighbourhood are also available, however, this cost must be borne by the participants themself. If you wish to stay in a B&B in the area, we can put you in touch with the necessary contact. Please note that the use of private accommodation (B&B) does not impact the workshop fee.


Applications are open from June 11th to August 22nd. The selection will be communicated at the beginning of September. Payments must be made before September 20th. Registrations are official after a payment has been made.

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How to get here

Klankenbos lies in the East of Belgium and is easily reachable via train from Brussels, Brussels Airport and Antwerp city.

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29/10 - DAY 1

15h: Arrival of participants


Workshop introduction

Presentation by Felix Blume

Meeting of participants

18h: Dinner

19h30: Collective listening session (existing pieces)

30/10 - DAY 2

08h: Breakfast


Visits to the locations in which the participants will work (by bike)

Listening exercises in situ (in a range of places)

Discussion about locations and ideas etc…

12h30-13h30: Lunch


Presentation of the sound equipment + Technical Approach

Basis of recording, acoustic and digital audio (depending of the necessity of the participants)

Initial recordings and evaluation of the results (incl. evaluation of the different setups)

Discussion concerning the division of locales/places/installation sites between participants

18h19h: Dinner

19h30: Collective listening session (existing pieces)

31/10 - DAY 3

08h: breakfast

Masterclass (to be confirmed)

12h30-13h30: lunch


First recordings from each of the participants in their place

First test, selection and editing

18h-19h: dinner

19h30: Collective listening session (existing pieces or recordings from the day)

01/11 - DAY 4

08h: breakfast

Work on site

12h30-13h30: Lunch


Recordings on site (if necessary)

Selection, editing and test on site

Finalization of the sound installation

18h-19h: Dinner

19h30: Collective listening session (selection of recordings from the day)

02/11 - DAY 5

08h: breakfast

10h30: Visit to each site with all participants, to see/listen to each installation

12h30-13h30: Lunch


Opening of the installations open to the public

Recording, pictures and documentation of each installation

18h: Dinner

19h: Klankenbos Nocturne

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