Radio Forest Sessions: Hans Roels & Ruben Orio Martinez

Street Sonatas

Mon 27 Sep 2021 - 09:00 to Sun 03 Oct 2021 - 18:00
Het Klankenbos, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Pelt

Hans Roels and Ruben Orio perform on street objects and transform benches or bridges into electronic instruments. At this concert they focus on a metal gate, fence and street light, at a site in the harbour of Ghent. With contact microphones, laptops and percussion mallets they explore the acoustic characteristics of the fences and add live digital sound processing. With one hand they play on the street objects and the other on the laptop or controller. 

This Radio Forest Sessions is constructed as a radio broadcast with voice recordings, interviews and live recordings of the Street Sonatas. 

Hans Roels (°1971) studied piano with contemporary music specialist Claude Coppens at the Conservatory of Ghent (B) from 1989. He is fascinated by musical performances in locations outside the concert hall or exhibition space. He investigates forms of interaction in order to integrate the concert environment (residents, passers-by, animals, plants, etc.) into the performance through sound and music. Hans Roels has created works for a variety of settings and media: acoustic ensembles, chamber music with live electronics, works for computer-controlled piano and pianist, and self-made sound objects. He has been commissioned by Champ d'Action, Stichting Logos, music theatre Walpurgis, Spectra ensemble, Zwerm, Spiegel Quartet and November Music, among others. His compositions have been heard in such concert halls and museums as the Issue Room Project (New York), Cafe Oto (London), Musikhochschule (Cologne), deSingel Arts Centre, Pierement Museum (Utrecht) and more. 

Rubén Orio is a percussionist living in Brussels. His work can be placed under the broad heading of 'contemporary music'. Orio studied at Barcelona ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya), CODARTS (Arts school of Rotterdam) and HOGENT (Ghent University). He has played at venues and festivals such as Biennale di Venezia, MaerzMusik Berlin, Opéra de Paris, Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk, SPOR festival in Aarhus, OSTRAVA Days, and MIXTUR festival in Barcelona. Ruben is co-founder of the group FRAMES percussion in Barcelona, is one half of the duo TheThirdGuy, and plays regularly with the ICTUS Ensemble in Brussels. With an interest in multidisciplinary forms, he collaborates with the photographer and painter Lore Stessel, choreographer Vera Tussing and sound artists Hans Roels and Stefaan Quix. As a teacher, he was invited to join percussion workshops at PARTS and the ROSAS dance school.

With thanks to Ateljeevzw, VDAB, CEPG and North Sea Port.