Radio Forest Sessions: Dominik ‘t Jolle


Mon 26 Apr 2021 - 09:00 to Sun 02 May 2021 - 18:00
Het Klankenbos, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Pelt

Come to Klankenbos for Radio Forest Sessions. Every last week of the month you can listen to new sound works by one of the artists from OORtreders Festival 2020 in Radio Forest (info point), a resonating wooden cabin in the middle of the forest. From 26 April to 2 May, you can listen to Phantomphonia, a creation by the Antwerp sound artist Dominik 't Jolle made within the framework of OORtreders Festival.

As a sound artist, Dominik ‘t Jolle aims to translate her hypersensitivity into sonic impressions by investigating the relationship between stress, stored information and the activities of neural connections in the different brain areas. A poem from the Swedish artist Leif Elggren immediately triggered her sonic memories from when she was a child. She could hear and feel the screeching sounds of fighter jets, chainsaws and monastery bells, an explosion of auditory hallucinations in her brain that resonated realistically in the physical world. 

Leif Elggren, Virulent Images, Virulent Sound:

“The sounds chill your spine: 

You can’t close your ears; you are defenseless. 

You cover the ears, but your skin is still exposed. 

You can’t see it coming either. 



it wriggles its way toward you, bristling with an unfathomable potential for replication. 

It wants you.

At least, 

it wants to use you. 

And then leave. 

Its approaches with the croaking, crackling, chittering, seething intimacy of microbial life. 

It induces the sonic equivalent of déjà-vu ( déjà-entendue ?); 

You are sure that sound is familiar, but perhaps not from this lifetime; 

Those serrated frequencies have resonated before with some part of your body, and that anomalous recognition testifies to the acoustic memory implant folded in your body, latent, waiting to be reactivated by a future that is filtering in.”

From Sonic Warfare - Steve Goodmann

Dominik ’t Jolle is interested in people, culture, place and displacement; with a focus on building personal relationships through living with rural and urban communities for extended periods of time. Over twenty years she worked and lived in Cameroon, Guinea (West Africa), Niger, the Philippines and Belgium raising awareness of rural and marginalised communities through film, sound recordings, visual arts projects and community based projects such as the building of water wells in Niger and community health support in the Philippines. Her sound installation ‘Behind the tune’ is part of Showcase Emerging Sound from 12.05-16.05 in STUK Leuven.