OORtreders Festival 2020

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - 09:00 to Sun 25 Oct 2020 - 17:00
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

OORtreders Festival 2020

Changing ecologies & new narratives

23-25.10, Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (BE)

OORtreders Festival is a 3-day celebration of sound within the landscape of the Limburg Canal Zone. From early morning concerts to deep listening sessions; the festival explores introvert and exciting formats, on the cutting edge of sound and society. With the right amount of space for each musical impression, the programme weaves together local communities and the international scene, with the urge to create and strengthen the unknown. This year’s programme changing ecologies & new narratives connects audiences and artists in minimal settings, exploring the unclassifiable relationship between humans and nature through sound.

Changing ecologies & new narratives

This third edition of OORtreders Festival brings young and critical voices together around the relationship between humans, nature and sound, in a living environment changing at a rapidly increasing pace. The festival explores contemporary stories, ecological clashes, organic processes and potential futures. Together we search for new challenges and narratives; non-linear, uninhibited and inclusive. The festival consists of three main parts: a programme with performance, sound and talks; an Expo route with work in the public space and Feath. the festival; social-artistic trajectories, co-creative labs and workshops within the broader context of the programme.

Expo route

The festival starts with a 3-day expo of monumental sound art in the Limburg Canal Zone. By bike or on foot you can explore the work of 14 national and international artists in 11 different locations, indoors and outdoors. The work of the artists takes shape in the midst of a changing landscape, and reflects on the ordeals of the current era and questions our fragile relationship with nature. During Nick Steur's festival opener IMPACT, a giant stone will fall from a height of 30 meters, as a controlled meteorite impact on the village square of Overpelt, to become a permanent work of art. At Doors of listening by Félix Blume, you can listen to the stories and soundscapes of residents in exodus. Follow the meltwater loop of the Breiðarmerkurjökull Glacier in a videowork by Edith Dekyndt, or listen to the buzz of bees in AnneMarie Maes' Guerilla Beehive. With a collection of 80 Clams, the Italian artist Marco Barotti measures the water quality of the Dommel and converts it into sound. At Bouke Groen's level, you will encounter five glass columns in the heart of nature. Each sings a vocal tone to form a harmony, which changes over time. With: Edith Dekyndt, Annemarie Maes, Paul Kos, Marco Barotti, Félix Blume, Maarten De Vrieze, Babs Decruyenaere, Mireille Duthoy, Nazanin Fakoor, Nick Steur, Collectief Publiek Geluid, Bouke Groen, John Grzinich.

Programme: concerts, walks, performances & talks

A programme consisting of performances and concerts runs over the course of 3 days in and around Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof. On Friday Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere bring the documentary performance Pleasant Island which deals with the influx of refugees and the deep sea mining issue on Nauru. On Saturday between 15:00 and 23:30 pm, the audience will be divided into smaller groups to follow a route full of performances, including o.a. Razen, Liew Niyomkarn & Inne Eysermans, Rafaele Andrade, Pauline Mikó, Pak Yan Lau, Polina Medvedeva & Andreas Kühne, Andreas Trobollowitsch and an immersive Listening Program curated by Dominik 't Jolle. Sunday starts with a dew concert in Hageven Nature Reserve, followed by several guided walks and a film program of John Grzinich. In the afternoon there is a programme with talks ‘Sound & Society’ and a performance about informal radio by the international audio collective MAEKUR.

Feath. the festival

Feath. the festival are long-term projects, labs and workshops within the broader context of the programme, which form the breeding ground of the festival. These take place in Pelt in the period before and after the festival, with the high point being the festival itself. The residents of the Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt will work together with Félix Blume, CC Palethe and C-TAKT+ on a permanent work of art for the Klankenbos collection. Young people from the area will get involved in various projects, in collaboration with Jeugddienst Pelt and Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg. Important festival guest, John Grzinich, will give a workshop on site specific sound art, with the local as the most central factor. In the context of Sounds Now; a multi-year Creative Europe project, the international curator Christine Eyene will lead a Curating Lab, where she works with local communities on auditory memory after migration. The results of this lab will be shown along with performances in a Curating Lab Evening on Friday. With Expo group Off, Off, Off, CC Palethe and Gemeente Pelt, we organize the long-term expo In An Early Alpha Stage. The festival supports the creation and development of new artistic work. Artist residencies and sound projects are realized in collaboration with MeakusmaIN SITU en SoAP. Local partners will provide food and drinks, such as the vegan champion De Gastvrijheid from Leopoldsburg with vegetables from their own garden.

OORtreders Festival is a festival from C-TAKT and Musica, Impulse centre for Music in collaboration with CC PaletheC-TAKT+De Gastvrijheid, Expo-groep Off, Off, Off, Gemeente PeltGonzo (Circus)IN SITUKunstacademie Noord-LimburgMeakusmaProvinciaal Domein DommelhofProvincie LimburgRed Cross Refugee Center PeltSoAPThe Flemish Communitythe German Communitythe Flemish Government and Visitor center De Wulp (Hageven Nature Reserve). The Curating Lab in the framework of Sounds Now is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.