Klankenbos Residency: Rafaele Andrade

Wed 21 Oct 2020 - 12:00 to Sun 25 Oct 2020 - 12:00

Knurl, a hand-made cello with 16 strings, is a shift into exploring the potential of hybrid electroacoustic instruments to be enhanced through built-in electronic components, as well as the potential for music to be a shared endeavour between performers, and global audience members and their networks. Knurl is solar-powered and reprogrammable: performers and audiences can interact with and manipulate it during the performance. Its 4 modes of performance: synthesis, detection, programming & analogue mode, are installed in a microcontroller in a self-contained electronic circuit. All the electronic devices are attached to it, including speakers, microphone, microcontroller, solar panels and sensors. During her residency, Rafaele will work on her perfomance for OORtreders Festival, where she will interact with the permanent collection of Klankenbos, creating a composition for the festival in conjunction with the sound installation Composed Nature, the audience and their smartphones.

Rafaele Andrade (BR) is a Brazilian composer and performer in the field of modern/experimental music. With a background in conducting, composition, cello, live coding and sonology, she designed her own instrument to compose music, perform and redesign the system of the music industry by promoting its practice about fair music distribution, social inclusion & sustainability. Rafaele has a passion for innovative and social initiatives, producing during her young career an orchestra of Brazilian music at 17 years old and at 22, curating a UNESCO project to promote Latin American female composers.

Recently graduated in Sonology (NL, 2020) and Composition and Conducting (BR, 2016) and in the process of completing a master in New audiences and innovative practices, she is a member of the composers association group Curitiba (BR), iii (Instrument Inventors) and the Netherlands Coding Live.