About Klankenbos

A unique collection of sound art

A unique collection of sound installations is hidden between the trees in Klankenbos sound forest. These are works of art that stimulate the ear and delight the eye. Klankenbos challenges visitors to become more conscious of sound and silence: a very special experience for young and old.

A collection of 18 installations by internationally renowned sound artists such as Erwin Stache (DE), Tony Di Napoli (FR), Hans Van Koolwijk (NL) and Pierre Berthet (BE) can be found in the Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof.

What makes Klankenbos special is that it is the largest collection of its kind in Europe, open around the clock. For over 15 years, Klankenbos has been a unique open-air museum with a focus on active experience.

Everyone is welcome to explore Klankenbos by themselves – free of charge and at any time of the day. If you would like to come and find out all the secrets of Klankenbos with your class, club organization, friends or family, it is best to book a guided tour or children’s activity. Customised tours for specific target groups are also available. Musica also organizes various small and bigger activities in and around the forest such as nocturnes, music courses, festivals, etc.